私の作品のコンセプトは、子供の頃から続く「孤独」「常識」「疑問」などの不安から生まれることが多い。自分がこの世界にいること、生まれて死ぬこと、仕事をしなければならないこと、挨拶をすること、他者という存在 など。









The world seen from chimera



The concept of my work is often born of anxiety such as "loneliness", "common sense", "doubt". It has been on since childhood. Life and death, work, greetings, human existence etc.



These things put a big burden on me more than necessary. And various emotions separated like water and oil. There are "no", "dislike", "death" when feelings such as "yes" and "likes" come to mind.



Painter and illustrator, analog and digital depiction, deformation and real touch, children and adult feeling, bold and delicate nature, natural and artificial elements. These things are myself.


The two elements of the counter electrode are the yin and yang of Chinese thought. The symbols of yin and yang were also my ideals. Because the two opposite elements constitute one force.


Creation is a surfactant that makes various emotions into one form, it is also a process. It comes from the obsession of doubt.



"Chimera" is the origin of my creation. It is a monster that appears in Greek mythology. The head is a lion, the body is a sheep, the tail is a serpent, a synthetic beast, and it appears in various forms in the work. It becomes personality and human being. Touch changes according to the work Canvas and digital works series has been completed. For me, "chimera" is a personal experience, discomfort and hunger in modern society. It is also my own shadow.


As a work whose work is not limited to purpose and image, we try to interact with society and reality.


Shoko Suzuki